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About MAP

_MG_1050Hello, I’m Daniel Meinhardt, owner of Meinhardt Archival Photography.

My mission as an artist and photographer is to create images that inspire thoughtfulness and a sense of wonder. My training as a biologist prompted two of my main artistic interests. First, I love creating unique wildlife and landscape images that convey the sublime beauty of nature. Second, I am passionate about creating art that showcases the beauty of people in ways that transcend sexuality and gender, and expands viewers’ appreciation of the complexity of human variation. You can read more about my art here.

As a commercial photographer I create effective images that transcend the ordinary and bring out the inherent beauty in everything I photograph. This includes:

portraits that remind people of the beauty in themselves and around them,

candid shots that capture and preserve special moments in peoples’ lives,


 —commercial images that showcase a product’s best features.

Check out my galleries for samples of my work, and if you’d like to hear more, contact me at: or 920 884-9730

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